Creating e-mail notification for budgets

Hi there,

I’ve built some budget configurations that are used by my internal clients. This is working nicely, and it allows our BU’s to view their monthly spending versus their monthly set budget. However, we would like to configure sending out a message (i.e. email or webhook) when a certain budget threshold is hit. What would be the best way to achieve this?


Hi rijnder,

Thank you for your message! Sending out budget threshold notifications has been recently implemented with Exivity version 3.5.x. You can create a notification via your own user profile, or via the Administratoin > User Management screen. In case of the latter, select a user for which you want to create a notification, and then select the approperiate type (Budget EValuation) and related options:

Make sure to create a notification channel first (i.e. containing your e-mail address), which you then link to the notification:

(see also Notifications - Exivity docs)

Hope this helps.