How to query a specific account?

I’m wondering how to use the filtering for the Retrieve a list of accounts call.

Under the Params section it mentions: filter[name] Filter results by this attribute

Does this mean that I can only filter on the name attribute, or is that an example? If I try to filter on name it doesn’t seem to work, and I still receive all the accounts.

what I recommend you to check out also, is the general API instructions here: Exivity API v1, it also general filtering guidelines, as displayed below:

These instructions apply to all endpoints. So you can filter on all attributes using this approach. To give you an example of how to do this when requesting an account based on its name:

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask any additional questions that may come up.

PS - I’m assuming you are using Postman to test this, but in case you aren’t, I highly recommend installing that and then loading all API requests into Postman using this button on our API docs: